Will This Summer Be the Hottest Ever?

According to many scientists’ views, this year could be the warmest ever recorded. With the British summer usually being a relatively tepid affair, the warm weather of July has put a smile on the faces of many (and an extra-large frown on the faces of hay fever sufferers!). So what can you do as a sun scared British person to protect yourself from the worst of the hot weather?  Read on.

If you’ve spent all summer inside, you might not have realised that outside, the sun is shining bright in the sky and the temperatures are soaring. With an average day-and-night temperature of 16.3C, this July has been the joint-eighth warmest since records began in 1910. So what does this mean for the unassuming Brit?

How Does the Unassuming Brit Fair?

As an average Brit, you’re probably used to no more extreme temperatures than a reasonable amount of rain or a sunny day. However, this summer has seen weeks of endless sun, with the highest temperatures getting into the low 30s – particularly in London, where a densely populated skyline decreases the amount of wind, and increases pollution, and therefore raises the average temperature.

With Brits extremely susceptible to the harsh rays of the summer sun, there have been many people walking around the UK with a sunburn. And of course, with the weather capable of turning sour at any given moment, who wants to stop sunbathing to go inside?

Protecting Yourself Against the Sun?

Although you might want to stay outside in the glaring sun, you need to remember to look after yourself at the same time. This means Applying sun cream during the day and after sun or a strong moisturiser during the evening. Wear sunglasses with UV ray protection, and make sure you drink plenty of fluids.

If you work in an office, ensure that your air conditioning is on enough to keep you cool, and remember if you go out at lunch to apply the same safety precautions as you would do if you were spending a day in the sun, as any amount of over exposure if unhealthy.

Making the Most of It Whilst It Lasts

The heat wave won’t be around forever, and although the summer has been extremely kind to us so far, things could be about ready to go back to normal. With the mini-flood at the weekend following almost a month’s rain downpour, could the UK be about to go back to its dreary self?  If so, it could be a good idea to make the most of the good weather whilst it’s still good.