The 4 Upgrades Your Office Needs

Now that the recession is over and businesses are starting to have a little bit more money coming through their books, this could be the perfect time to start thinking about those well-needed upgrades that your office needs. So open a new Word document and copy and paste a few of these ideas. Some of them might be pipe dreams, but the sooner you introduce them to your management team, the sooner they’re likely to become a reality.

1 – Collaborative Benches

First, if your team members are all sat individually or hidden behind large desktop computers, it’s time to get your priorities right. People work better when they are able to collaborate, so enabling this by installing long work benches should be number one on your list. Even something like outdoor picnic benches would be a great place to start, as these are inexpensive and would add a touch of personality to your office space.

2 – Gym and Showers

The happiness of your employees is important, and a good place to start with enhancing employee morale is by allowing your team to exercise more before work and during their lunch breaks by installing a gym and showers at your work space. A small work-out space doesn’t need to cost the world and or include every machine on the market. In fact, your employees would likely be happy with a couple of running machines, a cross trainer and a space to do group exercise classes. A shower or two will allow your team to jog or cycle to work and still feel fresh all day long. They’ll probably be more productive because of the exercise too.

3 – Temperature and Lighting Control

If you don’t have automated air conditioning or lighting, now’s the time to change your ways. It’s the twenty first century and energy supplies are scarce. More immediately important for your business, having modern air conditioning units and lighting that can be controlled by a phone app or from a web browser can save your company thousands each year, so with both a financial and environmental incentives to upgrade these essential facilities, why would you put the task off.

4 – Throw out the Old fashioned Desktops

This final tip goes well with the first one on the list. Ultimately, the 21st century is all about portable technology. The advent of smartphones and tablets means that you are no longer chained to a desktop computer – or even a laptop – to consult the web, explore social media, read and respond to emails and add events to your calendar. Therefore, if your work still retains old fashioned desktops, provide your employees with a laptop and a tablet. This might seem like an expensive investment, but it will make them more productive in the long run, as they will more easily be able to take their work home and integrate it more with their existing technology.

So there you have it: 4 upgrades your office desperately needs. What upgrades are you planning on your office? Leave a comment and let us know.