New Technology in Development for Cleaner Air Conditioning in Cars

Any car driver out there will invariably tell you that it can be a bit of a nightmare if your car doesn’t have air conditioning. Picture the scene, it’s the height of summer and you’re stuck in your car during rush hour. Already this is quite a frustrating situation but just imagine not having any way of keeping yourself cool. It’s almost a literal Hell on Earth.

That being said however, despite being ridiculously warm, at least you won’t fall foul of some of the problems that some drivers of older and not very well maintained vehicles are facing.

They’re in the Vents

It has been revealed that moisture caused by condensation in the air conditioning units of such cars can be a potential breeding ground for fungi, microbes and bacteria. Then, when drivers then turn on their units, the air flow is releasing said germs out through the vents, causing in some cases, allergic reactions.

New Devices

Thankfully, Biochemical Engineers based in Poland have created a new device which they claim is a way of getting rid of these germs. The compact device basically uses chemical process to rid your vehicle’s air conditioning units from these unwanted microbes and provide you with fresh clean air.

Dawid Sobczak, one of the inventors, offered this explanation:

‘The device is installed in the air conditioning channel…Inside, there is a titanium plate where, due to the electrochemical process, nanotubes appear. Thanks to that, the (devices) UV diodes lighting the titanium surface with the nanotubes causes a chemical reaction, which leads to the creation of active forms of oxygen that get rid of all the microbiological and odour contamination.’

Based on tests carried out so far, they have managed to get rid of almost 100% of the germs that might be found, and, say it can be fitted to any vehicle.

An Important Reminder

Despite the nature of this story, don’t let it worry you too much, after all this has only happened in a small number of cases. Plus the new technology in development can easily combat this problem in the future.

Simply treat this as a reminder to properly maintain and look after your air conditioning units, no matter how big or small. Get them cleaned and filtered regularly to not only prevent any issues but also ensure their longevity.