How to Treat Your Staff This Summer

The summertime is best spent outside with a glass of something cold in your hand and your favourite pair of shades on. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us have to go to work each day, and as a result, we might not be as productive as we’d like to be. Therefore, it falls to the manager to motivate their staff. But how can you motivate your team when you’re keeping them at their desks during the time of the year when the weather is best.

Drinks in and out of the Office

To treat your staff, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. A treat is all about the gesture, so something as simple as an ice cold beverage after a hard day’s work could be enough to please everybody. This won’t necessarily cost you a lot, but after a day in an office, it could be just what the doctor ordered, and it might be a great way to bring the team together.

Laptops and Tablets around Town

As opposed to chaining your employees to their desks inside, if you can afford I, it might make more sense to provide your employees with laptops and tablets. You could even allow them to bring their own laptops to work and use those. They’ll need to be PAT tested first, but once they’ve passed that, a bring-your-laptop-to-work day could allow people to work out of doors or in a more comfortable space than at their desks. A great treat.

Shorts and Sandals Days

Along the same lines, you could allow your team members to wear shorts and sandals on particularly hot days to make working in those hot temperatures more manageable. And as we all know, a non-uniform day is everybody’s favourite cheap. And best of all to you, it’s free to implement and will probably make your office a more vibrant, exciting place to be.

A Chilly Temperature Inside

Finally, it could be worth investing in some air conditioning, decent wall and ceiling insulation and some thick blinds to help make your office seem little a bit more of a manageable place to work on those really intolerable days. Air conditioning might not seem like the most direct ‘treat’, but actually, your work colleague’s will thank you greatly if they walk in from the sauna of the street into a cool, temperature-controlled office.