Ways to Improve your Staff Morale this Summer

Every employer would like to improve staff morale in the workplace with the aim of maximising efficiency and business potential.

During the summer months morale is likely to slip at work due to low staff numbers (people taking more holidays), post-holiday blues and hot weather.


If you’re a manager and you want your staff to be more motivated, then don’t forget that it begins with your attitude in work. If you can smile and have fun with your employees then they are likely to enjoy and appreciate the working environment more.


The area you work in can also have a strong impact on the mood of your staff members. If you work in an office environment it may be especially important to decorate and brighten it up, considering your employees ideas. This could be achieved on a small budget, as a lick of paint and some images may be all it takes.

Also ensure that the office temperature is correct and that there is a good amount of ventilation. If your members of staff are overheated at work then this is going to have a detrimental effect on work progress. Make sure that you or someone else is checking that other people are keeping cool with open windows, air conditioning, fans and plenty of water.


Everyone enjoys knowing that their work is appreciated and so there is no reason not to thank your staff for doing a great job outside of reviews. It’s also a good idea to ask for feedback as well as providing feedback to employees, if people think their opinion is valuable in a company it will most definitely increase morale.

Team Building

Team building exercises are a great way to get members of staff to work better together and create a good atmosphere. This could also be a good way to introduce new members of staff to the rest of a team. For example, team lunches, days out or a fundraising event are all good options.


Another way to spread some happiness is with some freebies or early finishes on sunny days. Simple perks to the job can lift people’s spirits and make them feel as though their hard work is recognised and rewarded. These ‘freebies’ could include gym membership passes or childcare vouchers or anything that is feasible for you to obtain. Giving employees perks doesn’t have to be a huge expense to your company and sometimes the small gestures can be just as important.

So, now you don’t need to worry about staff members losing focus in the summer months. Just as long as you can implement some or all of these tips to keep staff morale high.