The Coolest Airbnb Spots to Check into This Summer

Summer has started to roll in and for all those stuck in stuffy offices that means it’s time to dream of greener pastures and plan a holiday for some real escape.

For those looking for more than your typical break without compromising on top-class facilities, Airbnb is your answer. With over half a million listings in 192 countries, Airbnb has blown-up to be the coolest way to travel right now.

Forget sweltering summer sunburn and tourist madness, these getaways offer the latest technology and design with truly unique travel experiences so that you can keep cool, and be cool this summer. Take a look at our picks.

1. Cottage Home – Laugarvatn, Iceland

Cottage Home - Laugarvatn, Iceland

Photograph: Airbnb

A beautiful, unique gem nestled in the middle of a lush old lava-field, this cottage is as cosy as it is cool. Its pyramid design was built to reflect the Icelandic landscape and you’re sure to feel at one with nature as you gaze out of the glass apex roof onto the starry night sky and even the Northern Lights, if you’re lucky!

With three bedrooms, a well-stocked stocked kitchen, a hot tub and a ‘vast array’ of gadgets, it’s perfect for families or couples that just want a modern retreat.

2. Seashell House – Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Seashell House - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Photograph: Airbnb

Feast your eyes on an adventurous architect’s dream. The sea shell house in Mexico attracts a lot of attention but’s neatly tucked away from too many of the tourist hot spots.

Speaking of hot, you’ll be sure to stay cool in this neat and nifty abode. With free Wi-Fi, remote-controlled air conditioning in every room, a swimming pool and gardens, enjoy the best of the Caribbean sun while truly feeling like your living in a giant, complex seashell!

3. Desert Island – Nanuku Levu, Fiji

Desert Island - Nanuku Levu, Figi

Photograph: Airbnb

Ever thought about owning your own island? Well now you can, in the heart of Fiji. It may not have all the amenities but that’s not the point. Escape into nature with the bare necessities for a truly rare and incredible experience for adventurous travellers.

Apart from the excitement, staying on a desert island is actually a perfect way to chill-out as you’ll have none of the distractions that are so abundant in everyday life. Nothing but the sun, the sand and the sea – ah, bliss.

4. Beach Airstream – Rye, Australia

Beach Airstream - Rye, Australia

Photograph: Airbnb

The coolest way to combine glamour and camping. Airstreams are the latest trend for ‘happy glamper’ travellers. Shiny, seemingly space-age vintage camper vans are now kitted-out with the latest interior design and technology.

This spot is a rare and idyllic treat as it perches politely on the edge of the Mornington Peninsula, one of the most stunning locations Australia has to offer. Complete with a funky interior and full air conditioning, this Airstream is a great base to explore the area or relax and enjoy the gorgeous view.


If these ideas are getting you hot and bothered then it could be time to book a holiday! But don’t be rash; be sure to do the right research so that you’re getting quality stay that’s complete with comforts to keep you cool in the lovely summer months to come.