What did we do before air conditioning?

The majority of buildings are now come complete with air conditioning. It’s a basic necessity for some places, such as server rooms and a generally a nice comfort to have in the office and at home. But what did we do before air conditioning? I suppose some of us may have stood with the fridge door open, or gorged ourselves on ice lollies. Some of us may have carried those dainty little fans around and very elegantly cooled ourselves down that way, or I suppose there was always those battery powered fans, some of which (if you were lucky) sprayed water at the touch of a button. Then there was the generic trip to the beach, although that was only good if you lived near a beach, otherwise it meant an early rise commitment and then organising how to get there and then after all of that it was only ever a one off visit.

Then there was making ice cubes…but then you’d want to be a bit more creative and then soon you realise the only bottle you’ve got in is some weird flavour of juice some kid’s parent bought to the last party. But then, waste not want not, so you’d be forced to all have these disgusting icy creations you’ve just invented in every drink. There was also the method of drinking a cup of hot tea to cool you down; I’m not sure where the logic is in that…? Then there’s opening the window, which is lovely, except when it’s so hot that it makes it even hotter in your room with it open; and then all the little bugs start to descent onto you.

Then there’s of course, the local swimming pool, yes, a lovely dip in the pool…but then there’s always the risk of being constantly splashed in the face and the noise!

…But with Pure Air Conditioning you can leave the ice, the noise and the bugs behind, simply switch on and feel the breeze.

Yes, that’s much better.