Theft of Air Conditioning Units on the Rise in America

Over the last few months a number of noticeable incidents involving the theft of air conditioning units have been recorded across a number of states in America. What makes this all the more intriguing is the scale of some of these thefts, leading some police departments in these states to issue warnings to the public.

On the Run

A man from Lynbrook, New York recently admitted to the theft of a number of air conditioning units from two local companies. The man named as Rodrigo Leiton entered a guilty plea when he was eventually caught, having stolen $2000 worth of industrial units. Similarly, a man in Clarksville, Tennessee was apprehended following a car chase and foot pursuit after it was reported his vehicle was carrying a number of stolen air conditioning units and equipment. The motive behind these two thefts has yet to be fully determined.

Petty and Sizable Theft

There are some cases that have still yet to be solved. The city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee has seen upwards of $20,000 dollars in damage done to two commercial air conditioning units. In this instance, rather than taking the unit themselves, the thieves had taken the copper coils out of them, leaving the broken and unusable units behind. The same crime has been reported in Bastrop, Texas where a number of homes and businesses have been targeted, all with the copper coils removed. The Bastrop Police Department are currently at a loss as to who could have done this and have appealed for any witnesses with relevant information to come forward.

Arguably the most distressing of all these cases though is the reported theft of two large exterior units from a New Jersey church. With a value of $2000 the crime is believed to have occurred overnight in November and unfortunately the church is unable to afford any replacements.

The Importance of Protection

While such incidents of crime and destruction are not as common here in the UK, they can still happen – this case in Peterborough being one example. It is a good reminder of the importance of ensuring your air conditioning units are protected and looked after, particularly in commerce where comfortable working conditions are a must. Thankfully, here at Pure Air Conditioning we can help should the worst happen by providing you with emergency repair, breakdown services and hire.