Man Installing Air Conditioning Unit

Air Conditioning Step-by-Step Maintenance

Air conditioners are built to remove the humidity from the air and convert and filter this warm moisture to produce cool, cleaner air.

This means that without proper maintenance the filters and vents of an air conditioner can get clogged with things such as, dust particles and cigarette smoke, and even form mildew. If left, the results of your air conditioner may be affected and consequently, cause costly and sometimes, irreparable damage.

How to Clean your Air Conditioner

Like any piece of machinery, air conditioners benefit from a little TLC and if taken care of, will save you time, money and provide you with a longer lasting air conditioner.

To decrease the need for renewal or repair, follow these steps…

  1. Ensure the air conditioner is switched off and unplugged from power source
  2. Remove the filter and bezel or cover. This will reveal the coil inside.
  3. Proceed by spraying the coil with cleaner – make sure you purchase the right sort of, shops generally supply cleaner designed especially for this particular job.
  4. Clean the filter with water and make sure to change it every several months.
  5. Make sure to dust the vent, you should do this a few times a year.
  6. Put the air conditioner back together and set to coolest setting. This will help to lift any extra dirt from the air conditioner’s interior.
  7. Turn the air conditioner off again and clean the outer coils with a specially designed air conditioning coil cleaner.
  8. Turn the air conditioner back on and switch to the coolest setting. You should get nice clean smelling, cool results.

Here at Pure Air Conditioning, we provide a reliable and affordable maintenance service, which also includes a report that details recommendations on how often maintenance should be carried out on your air conditioner; so you can be sure to have the best results and a longer lasting machine.